Large Challenge: Jan Cunen

Large Challenge: Jan Cunen

For the large challenge, we went with 3 of our group members to the Jan Cunen Museum. Everybody chose a sector they wanted to write about. If you’re interested in the other sectors you can visit the blogs of Dean and Cas.

The section that I’m reviewing is called: ‘Naakte emotie’ by photographer Micky Hoogendijk. It’s a gallery about women who live in a society that is suppressed by males and masculinity. The theme is called: ‘Power vrouwen’ which translates to ‘Power Women’. It’s a very strong and beautiful way to visualize the power that woman have within them and that they shouldn’t be holding any of it back.

Micky Hoogendijk has always been a model and actress in her past career. These professions have inspired her to become a photographer herself. Micky Hoogendijk describes herself as a power woman; she knows what she wants, sees opportunities, and reinvents herself constantly. She describes this way of living as: “doing what you want, stay close to yourself and be a woman. Don’t be as the society that is dominated by men wants you to be.”

Her work is more than just photography. Her photos exist of different layers, to give the picture more immersion and almost looks magical. Micky Hoogendijk, who works from here office in Los Angeles, describes her work as such: “I use myself and my subjects in a provoking way, with fundamental questions about life and our existence as a result.” She claims: “Of all attributes of women, I think that vulnerability is the strongest and most beautiful one. It’s the attribute with the most power.” That’s the reason why this piece of art is called ‘the naked emotion’ because Micky Hoogendijk is so fond of this particular attribute. In a final statement, she said: “To capture ‘The Naked Emotion’ is a craving of mine. I hope to look through the eyes of my models, maybe this is a way for me to look at myself.”

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