Large Challenge: Jan Cunen

Large Challenge: Jan Cunen

For the large challenge, we went with 3 of our group members to the Jan Cunen Museum. Everybody chose a sector they wanted to write about. If you’re interested in the other sectors you can visit the blogs of Dean and Ruud.

The sector I’m focusing on is called “power vrouwen van oranje”. The exposition was about the Dutch queens. In the Netherlands, we either have a King or a Queen. This year it is king Willem Alexander, but until 2013 it was Beatrix who was head of the Netherlands. The exposition wanted to show that women are powerful, even more than were already aware of. The latest 5 queens all had a separate section in which they showed art of that queen.

It was a fun day and I learned more than I thought I would. In the Netherlands, women are relative equal than man, comparing it to a culture like that of Turkey for example. I think that it is good that women have much respect in our culture, Aldo I don’t think women and men are equal. We both have our own strengths and weaknesses and that is a good thing.

Obviously, im a man and I respect women. I have learned this from my parents and I can understand that this is different in other cultures. In Europa, it isn’t that long ago that woman’s where only housekeepers. Today they still earn less for the same job as a male would. In my point of view this is good for jobs like the military where male’s strength comes in, but for jobs like account, this should not be affected. I might be prejudiced to say that male have muscle and are stronger, but on the other hand, a woman is better at languages than most man. As I said earlier, we both have our strengths and weaknesses.

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