Medium Challenge: visit a church

Medium Challenge: visit a church

For studiecoaching this period, we must gather 15 points worth of challenges. In my previous blog, you can read how I gathered my first 10 points. In this blog, I visited a church and talked with the people there. This is a medium challenge worth of 5 points.

In my home city (Oss) is 60,5% Catholic. I have not been baptized, this makes me part of the other 39,5%. I am not religious, but I do believe there is something bigger than us humans. The church I visited is called “De Grote Kerk”. I went on an off-hour witch mend only the chapel was open. In the chapel, you can light a candle and pray to god. When I was there, there were 2 other people. To start the conversation, I asked them what they came to do. The first female sad she came here every Sunday to light a candle for the wealth of the people she knows best. The second female came to pray for her man who was ill. The conversation wends on and I asked if they believed everything from the bible. This because I believe there is something bigger, but I don’t believe what is said in the bible. The first Female did not believe everything, but she believed in the big story. The second female had the same thought as I did. She believes there is someone watching over the human kind, but she does not believe in the heroic stories told about God.

Looking back at the experience, I realized that both females came to ask God for something out of there reach. I believe that is exactly where religion is for. I do not believe in the stories told about any all mighty god, although it is very relaxing and easy to know you have a God looking out for you and making sure you have a good life. The experience did not change my mind on believing in god, but I have gained some more information about the people believing in god.

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